Studying in Darkness

Copyright (C) 2012 CandyLite News

Hurricane Sandy left my household in the dark with out heat and power for six days. When the electronics and the cell phones ceased to be frequently used, darkness became a familiar friend with a flicker of light to illuminate a room. This little light became a beacon to shine on what is important.


Maybe it’s having quality time with family more often than a workday/school day would allow. It could be time to catch up with much needed rest or schoolwork that could be mastered more as time in the limited daylight could offer. Then the candlelit table provided more time to study. But it was also a time about reflection on what’s really important in life.


From listening to the radio, and hearing the stories of families losing not only their home, but each other, and the things they hold dear to. How can you not be grateful for what you have. There are people who are still struggling to find gas for work, waiting in long lines or going to different counties far from home in order to travel to work and provide for their families. There are people who did not expect to not only lose their homes, but to have families fall victim to the storm, and now they can’t hold them ever again.


We have to wonder:

What is really important?

What should we really focus on in life?


My heart goes out to those whose whole world was turned upside down in mere moment.


There are a lot of good Samaritans out there giving of themselves to help those who really need help.

Here is a list of resources:

  1. For locating gas stations for vehicles, etc.
  2. Transportation into the city
  3. Donations for Recovery Releif





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