Oprah Brings Together “Praying Robber” and the person he held at Gun point on show

Gregory Smith, a 23 year old man, came face to face via video chat with the woman he held at gun point at a check cashing place in Indiana on Oprah.

It would have been an ordinary robbery where the robber takes the cash and leaves, but it ended with Smith on his knees praying for forgiveness.

He even took the bullet out of the gun and handed it to the store employee to prove his remorsefulness.

The reason for the robbery was a dire attempt to provide money for his financially strained fiancée and 2 year old daughter because he was out of a job for almost a year. His fiancée was supporting the whole entire family at the time of the robbery.

Smith has also served in the armed services for four years.

Angela Montez, who is the store employee that prayed with Smith, told Oprah she already forgave him and knew he was a good person.

Montez also said that during the ordeal, something came over her and somehow she was able to talk to Smith that led him to open up to her about his situation.

It could have been described as a divine intervention from a higher power.

By Oprah having this on her show, it might lead people to have a different opinion when judging a person.

With the struggling economy, job cuts and home foreclosures may lead people to decisions that they would not normally do out of character.

Here is another part of the story and look at the comments: click here.

And Oprah link.

So what do you think about this situation?


2 thoughts on “Oprah Brings Together “Praying Robber” and the person he held at Gun point on show

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