Do you think getting Married is overrated?

I was on a website when I came across this topic.

by siderevs on flickr

by siderevs on flickr

Is marriage going to be a thing of the past and just living together will be the future?

It seems this will alway be a moot point.

Here’s the story:

[She Said] Is Marriage Just a Paper?

Posted by Kay Sea

Back in the day marriage was a standard, not an option. If a man knocked his girl up, they had a shot gun wedding, continued to have children and more than likely stayed together out of obligation. Today, however, couples have found a loophole to attain all the attachments of marriage without the title.

Here’s a very common scenario that is often debated among today’s young couples and marriage vets of yesteryear: A man and a woman have been shacking up for the past three years or so, and everything is close to perfect. The issue of marriage falls upon them and they figure, why not? We’ve been together forever now so what difference would it make, we might as well. They take the plunge, and a short year later they divorce. The burning question remains, what is it about that piece of paper called a marriage license turns the dynamics of a relationship up-side-down? Young folks today obviously recognize that it’s much easier to commence a marriage than it is to void it, so what’s the point?

As there is nothing new under the sun, the same problems that plagued marriages then could destroy any union today. What has changed is the necessity of nuptials all together. Nowadays a lot of women feel that if maintaining a relationship without the legal title is what it takes keep the love alive, then so be it, because a paper doesn’t determine the love, longevity and livelihood of a marriage.

Livesteez sat down and asked a group of women: Is marriage overrated? Let us know what you think.

Honestly, the only reason why I would get married is for insurance purposes. Like, if my guy had a life insurance policy and I’m having his children and playing house for years, then yea. If he croaks, I’m gonna need to maintain the security of my homelife for my children. I know it sounds terrible, but don’t forget marriage is a business transaction and if my guy has no assets, then marriage is pointless and we could continue to love each other while shacking up. – Nicolette, 29, Attorney

Marriage to me is just one of those things that seems less and less tangible as I get older. You know when you are younger you think I graduate from high school, go to college, find my husband in college and marry him right after graduation and start a family, and live happily ever, but I think somewhere along the way that Disney, cherry-coated, “in a perfect world” fantasy wears off after life starts to get real. You grow up and realize that everything that you thought life was about just isn’t simply achieved…

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