3 Years Happily Re-Married!

Came across this in a forum on Beliefnet.

By clovesG

This past month my husband and I celebrated our 3rd wedding anniversary.  No big deal for MOST people, but for me I see it as HOPE to all of us who have had thier world rocked when their long-time spouse [21 years] walked away from his marriage vows, his kids and his life…all for another woman.

Beliefnet has struggled with many changes over the years and we have lost many of the regular posters, but there are still a few of us who are kicking around and who have much to say thank you for this site.  I poured my heart out on this site and got so much uplifting support from others who had shared the pain of a broken relationship. I made such great cyber friends who reminded me that I am beautiful and deserving of true love. And, I even met my new spouse from one of those cyber friends who saw us as a perfect match. He was right, but the journey took some effort.  I needed to learn to love myself again before I could ever love anyone else.

So, I thought I would post and tell you that I am having the BEST life.  My 2 grown children adore their stepdad and there is such a thing as “Happily Ever After”.  As for the x who left me for a friend of mine……he found the grass is not greener and the relationship he left his marriage for did not last.  He is alone and feels lonely.

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