Dragonball Movie: Pass or Fail?

In case you haven’t heard, 20th Century Fox produced a live-action adaption to Akira Toriyama’s “Dragonball”. According to Anime News Network, a second trailer has been released.

Here is the second trailer: http://dragonballthemovie.com/.

And comments on the forum show mixed feelings of this movie.

One commenter might reflect the feelings of some Dragonball fans.


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Posted: Fri Jan 16, 2009 1:42 am

Wow… emo Goku with ZERO EXPRESSION!!!…. No wonder why FOX was trying to hold up Watchmen…. Good job FOX!!! You created a new “Fail/Suck” word… “FOX”. If I screw something up, now I will just say, “Aww, I FOX’d it up!” or when I’m telling someone off, “HEY MAN, FOX you!” Or when I’m dropping one in the toilet… “WOW, now that was a big FOX!”
No wonder George Lucas left you guys! I know you guys read these forums… and let me just say, when you’re at the theatre, and this trailer comes up and you hear all those “boo’s”, I’m the one who started it. Have a good day, a FOX you, FOX! FOX you!!!


What are you views on the movie?

Feel free to leave comments


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