Britney’s Womanizer Video…Sideshow Attraction or Moral Uproar

It hasn’t been 24 hours since Britney TV, her official channel on Youtube, posted the “pop princess” latest video to her up and coming album “Circus”. So far, more than 800,000 viewers clicked to see what she will bring.

The song “Womanizer” is a very catchy song with a fast techno beat and a little electronica on the side. Its lyrics may sound like a retaliation against a former backup dancer, Mr. K-Fed, or it could be an anthem for women to rant. Clubs across the country and possibly the world will more than likely play this song repetitively.

But the video already is bringing mixed reviews. Like most videos on YouTube, subscribers or non-subscribers can click the link once and it will take them directly to the video, but that is not the case for Britney. In order to view the video, people have to become a registered user. Once signed-in, a button that says “Confirm Birth Date” appears on the page. When it is clicked, it will take viewers to the video. What happened to make them go through this process?

Youtube users flagged it because of particular scenes in the video show Britney fully nude lying on a wooden bench in a bathroom that could possibly resemble a sauna. However, her intimate parts are covered, but it was still censored.

Comments are blaring on the video page, ranging from cheers to jeers. Here are some examples:


I was never a Britney Fan back when she came out in 97 with that “Hit Me Stupid One More Time” some crap like that. But I’m not feeling the video at all. It’s too provocative, and I don’t like the whole Video Game sounding music. I had to flag this video.

I’m not gonna support Britney or Christina, or whoever likes showing off their bodies just to get peoples attention. I’m disgusted with today’s music.



press @ youtube . com

let’s get the censorship removed!!!!


lol haters cant stand the fact that britney is gonna be at the top of the charts again, and the fact that she looks great and this video is one of the best videos thats come out in a while…so they are flagging it…and they also cant stand the fact that in just one day, there are so many comments and views


UMBRELLA – RIHANNA (naked and NOT flagged on YouTube)

WOMANIZER – BRITNEY SPEARS (naked and flagged on YouTube)


PS: This is a video of Britney, why are u talking about Christina? :S



(Not to get off the topic, but it is interesting to see the YouTube pages of the commenters who post harsh comments.)

Will this video hurt her or push her further into the gates idolatry? Her album “Circus” will be in stores Dec. 2, her birthday.

The video “Gimme More”, was posted last year, and it has over 41 million views.

Click here to see the video because the rights to embed the video was disabled.


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