The Mores of Society During Election

Tick Tock, Tick Tock; time is running out. Who will America choose before the polls close for good?

There are 33 days left before a new president is elected.

Interesting enough, this “historical” election has resurfaced stereotypical tendencies in America; that it might possibly influence someone’s vote.

So far, there was the gender issue of Hillary becoming the first female president –possibly for most men…their worst nightmare…oooo scary– and the nation’s love for her pant suits. Don’t forget her laugh that was infectiously spread throughout “TV Land” (not the cable channel).

Yet some might consider her more favorable than Sarah Palin. 

Even Sarah Palin has had her share of jabs with the VPilfs, Milfs, and the lipstick pig cross-reference. But there are those who love her spunk, beauty and believe she will be a great choice.

John McCain is characterized to not carry out his full-term because of his age by possibly dying in the oval office. Some are spoofing the idea of Palin taking his place; but it’s no tSarah (viewer discretion advised).

However, many might feel comfortable with McCain because of his experience.

Lastly, there’s Barack Obama, and he’s black.

Wait! Don’t run away!

He’s actually bi-racial, plus his mother is caucasian and from the Mid-West. 

OMG! People are still running?

The “Change We Can Believe In” guy doesn’t settle well with some. Some might view him coming across as an  elitist.  He is also called an intelligent black man and an eloquent speaker.

Probably not many of them exist, at least America can say they know one.

But there are people ready to take a gambler’s chance and choose Obama as the next president.

Is it okay to say the “A” word if he wins?

It’s very riveting that certain events can stir thoughts and feelings within an individual. But everyone is entitled to their own opinion. 

This is indeed the land of the free, but there are external factors that can cause some to judge based on age, gender,race, religion, and sexual orientation. There is also the notion of a person judged because of a handicap.


Now consider these scenarios if the candidates were different.

CASE # 1:

Two Caucasian males running for the presidential office. It can be from any party; possibly an Independent is a candidate. How will they be critiqued?

Will the color of hair, eyes, physical built, economic status, and sexual orientation play a role in obtaining supporters?



Two Caucasian females running for president with female VP candidates. How will they be critiqued?



Three males running for president from different parties and none of them are Caucasian or Black (dun dun dunnn!!). All are American but have Asian, East Indian, and Mexican heritage. What if they practiced religions that are non-Christian?

How will America respond?


As earlier stated, if America is “The Land of the Free”, then anything is possible. What is there to fear? 

study was conducted  by the Census Bureau a while back that stated the United States could potentially be diverse by 2050. Could Abraham Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs be fulfilled on a mass level?

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