Women Stories: Sleeping with a Married Man…

Happen to come across an “Ask Amy” column in Newsday for February 8, 2008. Just read the story.


“I’ve been having an affair with a 32-year-old married man for about a year. I did not know he was married at first. Two months after we started seeing each other, he said, “My wife is pregnant.” I ended the relationship, but he wanted continue seeing me. We meet up every two weeks or so. He made it very clear that he only wants sex, that he loves his wife  but just needs variety. He said if it wasn’t with me, it be with someone else. I want to have regular sex until I meet someone else. I am 40 and divorced. I did not like the forced celibacy after my divorce. It’s just sex for me, too. I am not emotionally involved with him. He has shown pictures of me with his wife, and she is quite attractive. He tells me they have a satisfying sexual life. I am average looking. What is he doing with me when he has a gorgeous wife and a fulfilling sex life? I feel guilty that I have continued in this relationship, but I guess I don’t feel guilty enough to end it. We are two consenting adults who meet up for sex, nothing  more. Is this so wrong?

The Other Woman


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2 thoughts on “Women Stories: Sleeping with a Married Man…

  1. Sometimes it is the wife’s fault is she isn’t keeping up on the “maintenance” schedule. Besides, most of them know what is going down and psychologically compartmentalize their married life from the husband’s occasional pleasure cruise. As long as everyone is cool with it, I am cool with it.

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